Title: Santa Croce

Date: 2014

Medium: installation, Projection mapping, 6x6 negatives,Silver Bromide Fiber based ILFORD paper, digital videos, projector

This installation was part of a collective show in the S.A.C.I. gallery.

This time based piece mixes analog media with digital imagery. The juxtaposition of an ancient structure like the church of Santa Croce and the projected images of tourists passing through the space, shows the contrast between the ancient and the modern world.
The Church of Santa Croce is one of Florence's oldest and richest in tradition. A tradition than in many ways has been forgotten by a society that has changed immensely from that time, but still inhabits its remains. This empty shell seems to have no life but the millions of tourists every year give life to the city and its history. The eternal history is fed by little evanescent beings that are only passing on this stage.